Canapes, Platters and Bowl Food

Seafood Canapés
•New Zealand green-lipped mussels with a pernod cream
•Mini prawn cocktail served in a kidei boat
•Smoked trout blinis with creme fraiche and dill
•Seared tuna with wasabi aioli served in porcelain spoons
•Chive pancake with salmon, sour cream and capers
•Crostini cones with goats cheese, pesto, rocket and caviar
•Salmon and minted pea cakes with lemon mayo
•Thai fish cakes with sweet chilli dip
•Citrus prawn skewers with lime dipping sauce
•Smoked salmon & egg salad tartines
•Tuna Caper crostini
•Sauteed prawn cocktail
•King prawns with mango & chilli salsa
•Deviled eggs with crab

Vegetarian Canapés
•Orange and honey glazed kumara (sweet potato) with aioli served in white spoons
•Melon and halloumi towers and pesto
•Mini oatcake with mature cheddar and fruit paste
•Mini artichoke tarts with parmesan
•Cubes of spanish tortilla with red pepper
•Miniature tartlets with walnuts, brie and a grape salsa
•Roasted pumpkin and blue cheese pies
•Mini basil cake with herb pesto, mascarpone and sun-blushed tomato
•Boccocini, olive and cherry tomato skewers with pesto
•Sweetcorn fritters with sourcream and chive
•Pesto, pinenut and sunblushed tomato 
•Stuffed quail’s eggs with pinenuts, dill and pesto
•Spears of chicory with walnut and blue cheese
•Tortellini with blue cheese and walnut served in white porcelain spoons
•Butternut and saffron hot soup shots
•Mini greek pizzas
•Brushetta with peppers & gorgonzola
•Brushetta with ricotta & marmalade
•Melted camembert with cherry jam
•Polenta squares with mushroom ragu 
•Brushetta with gorgonzola, balsamic figs, mint & watercress 
•Tomato, mozzarella & basil brushetta
•Crispy courgette & potato pancakes

Meat Canapés
•Scottish lamb skewers with spinach and feta
•Hosin duck wrap cornets with cucumber and spring onion
•Tandoori chicken on mini naan with yogurt raita
•Buccleugh beef skewers with rocket and red pepper
•Salt beef on German rye with mustard and pickles
•Mini Yorkshire pudding with roast beef and horseradish
•Lemon and sesame chicken served on a chopstick with snowpea
•Mini cheeseburgers
•Mini corn dogs with sweet mustard
•Fig, prosciutto, pecorino and quince paste skewers
•Baby roast potatoes with pancetta and gruyere
•White spoon with a mini ‘bangers & mash’
•Tartlets with white bean puree, chorizo and roasted cherry tomatoes
•Mini American hot dogs with ketchup, mustard and caramelised onions
•Cheese stuffed dates with prosciutto
•Apricot & chicken brushetta
•Spice rubbed lamb pops

Sweet Canapés
•Mini pavlovas with fresh cream and raspberry
•Mini lemon meringue Pies
•Shot glasses of jaffa chocolate mousse
•Dainty fairy cakes
•Double chocolate brownies with creme fraiche and raspberry
•Shot glasses of passionfruit mousse

Bowl food
If you’re having a canapé party and want to serve something warm and hearty after the canapés why not try our bowl food options. These are served in small white, china bowls with a spoon or chopsticks and are enjoyed by your guests whilst they’re standing. These are priced at £5 per head. A great end to a canape party.
• Thai green chicken curry with jasmine rice
• Singapore seafood noodles with a prawn cracker
• Bangers & mash with a rich onion gravy
• Parmigiana
• Shepherd’s pie
• Fisherman’s pie
• Chilli con carne and rice
• Moroccan lamb with couscous
• Spicy beef stew and dumplings
• Blue cheese and walnut tortellini with a garlic doughball
• Chicken, chorizo and butterbean hotpot
• Macaroni and cheese
• Morrocan chicken tagine with lemon, olives and couscous

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